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DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

This is another craft we have done at Mom’s Connection.  It is a fun and simple way to have a really neat bracelet.  It’s also perfect for mom and the kids will love them too!


1 Button
36″  1.5mm Leather Cord
2 yards Waxed Irish Linen
14-16 inches Ball Chain


1. Thread the button on the leather cording.

2. Fold the cording in half where the button is in the center.

3. Wrap linen cord around the base of the loop at least 5-6 times to start the bracelet while holding the beginning tail under the loops to secure.

4. Place the ball chain along the leather cording. Holding the ball chain against the leather cord, wrap the linen around tightly, once between each ball.

5. When you have reached the length you want, wrap the linen cord around just the leather strands 5-6 more times. Tie a knot with all three strands.

6. Cut the linen cording. Tie another knot with the leather cording far enough down for the button to just fit between the two knots.

7. Cut the remaining leather with about a 1/2 inch left over.